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The Mandrake Broom
A Novel by Jess Wells

During the Dark Ages, unlanded men found their way to property, power, and prestige as Bishops, priests and clerics of the Roman Catholic Church, systematically waging war against small landholders, midwives, keepers of verbal histories, naturopathic healers and doctors, as well as Jews and any others in the way of the expansion of the iron grip of the Church, witting or otherwise.

The sinews and bones of wide-flung Celtic civilizations of Europe were casualties of that war, a holocaust that modern scholars call the Inquisition, that feminist scholars name the Burning Times - a war waged primarily against women, whose positions in matrilineal or matriarchal and historically polytheistic cultures opposed - by their existence - the strictly hierarchical, unabashedly sexist construct of the conquering Roman Catholic Church.

Where are their stories, the people of the Burning Times? Author Jess Wells, in her new novel, The Mandrake Broom, gives voice to some of them: healers, wise women, bold men, people of conscience and true science who lived ordinary or extraordinary lives, who died nobly or ignonimously, slaughtered by armies of god or felled by the plagues resulting from the Churchs vast ignorance and disastrous pogroms to rid Europe of witches, their consorts, and their familiars the cats. - Excerpted from a review by Calla Felicity.

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The Woman Who Loved War
by Elizabeth Brownrigg

From Central America to Central North Carolina, follow Suzanne, a journalist who loves the excitement of war and danger. When she is disabled in an accident, Suzanne believes she can heal herself by solving the mystery that is hidden in her body. One clue that she must confront, however, is of a terrible act she committed fifteen years before. In her search for redemption, Suzanne encounters a Gulf War veteran whose memories may hold the key to her salvation. A timely, compelling mystery/thriller set against the Gulf War.

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Crybaby Butch
by Judith Frank

Drawing on her experience as an adult literacy tutor, Judith Frank's first novel traces the difficult and sometimes hilarious connection between two butches of different generations - a middle-class, thirty-something adult literacy teacher and her older, working-class student. When out-lesbian Anna makes Stone Butch Blues required reading, will closeted Chris' life ever be the same?

$ 14.95

Venus of Chalk
by Susan Stinson

Take the trip of a lifetime and journey to self-acceptance with Carline, a lesbian home economist and woman-of-size, Tucker, a bus driver, and Mel, a retiree, as they journey from Massachusetts to Texas to unload an old city bus. In the process, these friends also leave behind their preconceived notions about one another, drop their inhibitions and become fully who they were meant to be.

$ 14.95

Dish It Up, Baby!
by Kristie Helms

Dish It Up, Baby! serves up some varied slices of life, tracing the heroine through childhood in rural Kentucky to her first job in Manhattan, and finally to Boston as she searches for true love, a cubicle near the window and the perfect shade of lipstick. Chick-lit's answer to Rubyfruit Jungle, Dish It Up, Baby! offers a hilarious look at growing up and coming out through the eyes of its plucky heroine.

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