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June 2, 2014
by admin
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New Posts Will Be Forthcoming…

…From 01JUL2014.

The last five months have been hmmm, chaotic. In both good and bad ways. I am still very much alive though, still reading, still cooking, still travelling and (even if I haven’t been posting them) still writing thoughts on all these and my er, return is imminent. 🙂

I’m currently in the process of sorting through pages of notes and various folders of photographs which I imagine will take a couple of weeks to organise and polish up into posts and reviews… but I’ll say the start of July to give myself some leeway.

A few things from the top of my To Cover list:

+ Thoughts on Thomas Piketty’s Capital and Clive James’ translation of The Divine Comedy
+ Recent adventures in vegan baking, I’ve been experimenting 🙂
+ A huge breakthrough in my own family tree – I love producing revelations for genealogy clients but this is a first in my own research and it came about as a result of a personal genetics test done over three years ago
+ A craft project involving a favourite Wordsworth quote
+ Plans for my next 101 goals in 1001 days
+ My tenth anniversary as a book blogger is coming up in August

And the Tour de France will be starting here in Leeds on 05JUL2014 too.

I’ve been following blogs without commenting while I was ‘off-air’ but I’ll start easing myself back into Twitter and commenting over the next couple of days. (Apologies if I’ve missed a comment, tweet or email from you, I will try to catch those I missed but go ahead and nudge me if you’ve not had a response.)

TL;DR: I’m back. 🙂